Sunday, July 8, 2018

The slave rebellion

The slave rebellion(so called strike) by AMCU members is a righteous cause and necessary for the empowerment of the Black family, since the slves (so called workers) are the wretched of the earth, the Divine Black people, who are voluntarily enslaved by the european coloial settlers who steals our minerals to build their white supremacist european empire. But from another angle, though the agitation is understandable, it is abnormal and childish for grown up men and women to protest against exploitation by european colonial imperialist capitalist settlers, and go on strike only to demand increment in remunerations, yet they are the real owners of Afrika and everything within the land, people who were dispossessed by the same european colonial settlers who now arrogantly claims to own our resources through this blood sucking parasitic white supremacist companies. They don't even deserve R12500.00, but R25000.00 and above. We only need to get rid of slave mentality and start to demand (not to beg), for what belongs to us, and start to know who we are, our value and worth, and the value of our collective Afrikan human and natural resources. We can't fight slavery with a begging slave mentality. Afrika is for Afrikans not europeans. So, we must naturally exercise the RIGHT and POWER to be rightful and divine owners of this land, and stop perpetuating and maintaining slave colonial white supremacy system through Black bodies, protesting to get crumbs, while we are divine and rightful owners of this rich land.

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