Sunday, July 8, 2018


It seems Rastafari is no longer a Black Power movement of Gong guru Maragh which was inspired by the Black Nationalism works of Marcus Garvey with the mission of Liberating Afrikans and Afrika for the realisation of our collective Black aspirations. The euro christian minded liberal religious Afrikans who filled the ranks of Rastafari are rasponsible for this mess within Rastafari, for allowing themselves to be used by the enemy to advance the interests of the wicked white man. In the present state when Afrika is faced with euro american imperialist aggression and the continued exploitation of Afrika and her people by european gangstars, there is no room or role of white people within the Black world of Rastafari and Afrikan liberation movement. They are rasponsible to work for Rastafari and Afrika within the white world, with the aim of advancing the liberation interests of Afrikan people within the white world. These careless Afrikans are those who talk of "one love", that Rastafari is for "everyone" and become involved in intimate relationships with the devil, with no Black Liberation intent at all. These whitewashed liberals are quick to defend these spies claiming oneness of humanity, while they also misinterpret the words of Qadamawi Haile Selassie I to suit their own ends. This churchianity bussiness within Rastafari has created dis monster which confront us everyday, haunting our Black Souls with white presence within Rastafari, while these devils are bombing, killing, raping, dividing our people to the present day in places like Congo,Libya, Ivory Coast, and these so called white rastas are doing and saying nothing about these imperialist machinations. Rastafari without Black Liberation intent is a FRAUD. One Black Love

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