Sunday, July 8, 2018

Rastafari is Afrikan Consciousness

Rastafari as a Pan Afrikan Cultural Expression cannot be reduced and confined to any region, province, state, language or kingdom, but only within the Pan Afrikan World. From its inception Rastafari Consciousness rooted in the Universal Black Peoples reality, has been a Pan Afrikan force which embodies the collective aspirations of Afrikan people universally, divinely functioning and operating on a Pan Afrikan basis. The Pan Afrikan nature of Rastafari Consciousness allows it to be a livity capable to raise Afrikan people from a narrow interpretation of life based on ones language, traditions, family and region, into a Universal Pan Afrikan Plane, where Universal Spiritual language and collective Afrikan/Black interests are catered. Many have tried to define and redefine the nature of Rastafari to suit their own individual, racial and group interests, sometimes in contradiction to the Pan Afrikan Nature of Rastafari. This tendency has manifested itself for different reasons and to achieve different results, but with the same goal of undermining the Blackcentric Pan Afrikan Nature of Rastafari. But one thing that we must always remind ourselves as Rastafari People, is the need to maintain the Center, the Pan Afrikan Center of Rastafari, so not to allow Rastafari to be used and misused by certain individuals, groups and non Afrikans to corrupt, neutralise, distort and divert this Black Power Pan Afrikan Movement, rendering it off-centered, visionless and powerless to execute its historical mission. Rastafari is a Pan Afrikan Expression.

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