Saturday, August 15, 2015


So called white Rasta has proved that the European within Rastafari constitute a threat and a danger to Rastafari movement, and to the minds of Black people who are victims of white supremacy. Within Rastafari, they are more poisonous and devilish than snakes, with their poisonous mind and heart, and they don’t care about our Black collective reality of destruction, death and destitute. Instead of showing remorse and a little care about our Black condition, they continue to advance their imperial colonial agenda within Rastafari subliminally in the name of ‘one love’ fantasy. Some of us, who hold the view and position that Rastafari is a Blackman’s culture for Black people, are not surprised at all by what these blue eyed devils are exposing us to in their desperate attempt to justify and validate their presence within Rastafari, a white crap meant to deceive and manipulate us for their own imperial benefit. The descendants of the European colonialists who are benefiting from the killing, raping and looting, burning and exploitation of other nations, their land and natural resources, cannot escape this fyah judgment, whether they claim to be Rasta or not. As Europeans, the so called white Rasta suppose to advocate and fight for an end to white colonial domination internationally, the return of Europeans back to Europe, and also to help the oppressed of this white dominated world to realize their collective aspirations, through assisting the program of Black liberation, reparation, repatriation and restoration than to involve themselves to our Black agenda. Their work is within their own European parasitic people not in our Black Afrikan world.