Thursday, August 13, 2015


Amilcar Cabral se’ “Tell no lies claim no easy victories” in as far as the situation and the condition of Afrikan people is concerned. I am not part of the so called rainbow nation, that illusory state of de klerk, tutu and mandela, which maintains and perpetuate white supremacy, black servitude and black inferiority. The negotiated sellout deal which was done by these european vampires with mandela and the anc has brought a lot of psychological, spiritual and physical damage and setbacks within the black family. That’s why white people love the sellout mandela, to an extent of erecting his statue in london, because he is the door keeper in the house of white supremacy. That’s the reason we are in the white settler neo colonial state. The white state, with a black president. I write for my Black people, with the intentions of uplifting our Afrikan family, breaking the barriers of mental slavery, destroying colonialism and white lies, for the realization of our collective black aspirations and the attainment of the true Afrikan self.

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