Thursday, August 13, 2015


The oxford dictionary defines an atheist as “someone who holds a belief that God does not exist”. Since as Afrikans, we received and started to use the word after the colonization, Europeanization and euro-christianization of Afrikans, it will serve us justice to know the original meaning of the word from the European perspective. To the Europeans, God is known as a creator and ruler of the universe who lives up there in sky, with his blue eye, blond hair, white complexion son jesus Christ and the white angels with wings. This is their religious concept of god which is totally European and white. I know for a fact that atheism was a response to this European version of life. To me this euro Christian version is a crap and a lie which must be removed from the minds of the people, especially Afrikans who have their own world view, rather than mimicking the Europeans. As an Afrikan and Rastafari I have a lot of respect for people who reject this concept of god either here in Afrika or outside. So all in all son of the soil the people who don’t subscribe to the euro Christian version of the concept of god are not godless, rather they refuse to be slaves or be manipulated by theology of lies and choose to think for themselves. I know many Afrikan atheists who are very Afrikan spiritually grounded, like the Grand Master Teachers Dr Ben Jochannan and Dr John H Clark who are both well respected within the Afrikan centred circles, for their in depth research on ancient Afrikan religion, spirituality and history. To be Umuntu is to be true to you, having compassion, love and respect for other human beings. It’s not about what you call yourself and is beyond religion. Hence you’ll find ubuntu/godliness even from the people who are deaf and can’t speak, and from those who are blind. So one can be an atheist and be umuntu at the same time and it’s not foreign to my ovastanding. It is a response to the false secrete religious institution of Europe which seeks to dominate and manipulate the world with their version of god. Hotep!

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