Tuesday, July 15, 2014


MY RESPONSE TO CHIEF ELDER OSIRIS AKEBBALA Phila Mkhulu! I would like to reiterate the words of our Divine Master Teacher Marcus Garvey that "Fear is a state of nervousness which only fits for a child". Our enemies use fear as determining factor to control our thoughts and emotions, so to rule and dominate our consciousness. This is truly one element that we need to get rid off for us to liberate ourselves from this mental, spiritual and physical genocide. Ever since I got to know you and exposed to your Divine Black teachings, I'm now a better Black Man who knows the divine truth about our Divine Essence, Black reality, Black Being and the Divine Universe. You have elevated I to higher realms of Divine Consciousness, and inspired me to know the deeper side of my Black Self, something no one in my entire life experience has ever done and have so much impact in the development of my Black Afrikan personality. Being your student who is proud and always willing to sit at your feet and learn from your empowering Divine Teachings, I'm ready to be your lifetime student and be part of your programs and institutions to uplift our Black Race and contribute in the advancement of the collective interests of Black People here at home and abroad. Though I'm based and reside in Azania(colonially known as south afrikkka), my desire is to meet and work with you in person and have proper guide from your Divine hand as I'm embarking in the acquisition of the proper Divine knowledge of Black Self and on ways and methodologies to free Black people from the hands of the wicked devilish vampiric parasitic white man. I know our Divine Black Ankhcestors shall fulfill our Divine Righteous Black desires which are for the establishment of the Black Nation in Afrika powerful enough to advance and defend the Divine interests of Black people all over the world, as it was envisioned by our Divine Great Warrior Ankhcestor Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Continue to shine the light and inspire us for our benefit, of our Ankhcestors, and of our posterity. Give thankhs Elder! Ras Aviwe Poqo Tyumre
Fear Come From That You Do Not Know, But Bravery Come From That Which You Are Confident In That You Do Know!!! By Chief Elder Osiris I spend Time getting to know why Black people behave the way we do, showing no concern about the state of our living condition, not to mention the state of Afrika, a Land occupied by Black people who once was full of Freedom, joy and peace of mind, and now today, Black people move around in the world full of fear, anger toward self and with a lack of self confidence , which have Black people pretending to be who we are not, all come from a conditioning caused by those people who today, sit in the seat of power and domination, they are those who get their worldly status from causing Black people to seek that which cause nothing but fear among Black people, which is a God Black people know not the Divine Truth about and have been conditioned to believe in that which you are not certain about, and such a mind, reside in Black people who have been conditioned to believe that they are Human Beings, that which white people have described themselves to be. The Mind of Black people today, is not the Mind of Divine Black Beings of yestertime, so we live a life of forgetfulness, a caliber of mind that dwell in fear, because of the fact, Black people now live with a mind that do not know what the Divine Essence, God is, and is now under the influence of Religion that have you believing to Fear God is the act of honoring God, the God that is unknown to Divine Truth And Reality. Fear is a behavior that cause depression, total submission and complete ignorance about what you need to know, and such be the described classification of Black people today, be us in or out of Afrika, our spirit being displayed by us Black Afrikan people, is the same, that which is based upon fear, and fear come from not knowing. So, what is the qualification that will have you functioning without fear? Bravery is having confidence in that you know, and knowing is what have you to be aware of what it mean living to be free and independent, full of confidence, absent of fear, because you function with a caliber of mind that Think to know what need to be known, and that is What the Divine Essence, God Is, because there is no fear in the knowledge of the Divine Essence, God. Black Woman and Man, behold the status of Black people in the world today, a people who live based on fear and not on what is known by Black Afrikan people, and a mind control by fear, is a people in possession of such a mind that have you portraying yourself as people who lack the intelligence to distinguish between the Profane and the Divine, one is not real while the other is True in the knowledge of self. Today, Black Afrikan people live that which have us to be uncertain about who we have been designed to be, based upon the nature of our design, which is Divinely Black. The Nature of the Divine Essence, is the Infinite Black Space Energy Intelligence, yet Black Afrikans now is without the capability of knowing such Divine caliber of Truth. Therefore, until that Divine memory, which is being suppressed by the introduction of the profanity of living a life not responsible for what you now believe about the Nature of God, which is why we serve as an indication that Black Afrikan people are no longer in the know of what God is, and such a lack of knowledge, have Black people believing all that is told about who Black people are, which is why Black people are behaving in this critical Time, as we believe we are to live, which is a true sign that Black people have no knowledge of who we are today. Thus, Black people live a life in the presence of the unknown, a life full of fear and not of confidence that have you to be brave based upon the confidence that will have you to know about God , the Cosmos, and the Self of Black people. Fear breed weakness, and weakness manifest ignorance, and ignorance verify a lack of knowledge, and where there is no knowledge, only the Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being is in your presence, he being your Master teacher about that which you have been conditioned to believe and not know, and it is fear that is in possession of Black Afrikan people today and fear is what is keeping Lucifer the oppressors of Black people, in control and domination over Black Afrikan people, that Fear being that of Lucifer the Human Being Religious God. To not know is an act of fear, but to know, is the display of understanding, and freedom reside in Thinking, Knowledge, Understanding, today, Black people live under the cover of Fear!!! The Divine Truth, Black People Been Made To Be Fearful Of The Divine Truth, Which Is All I Am Allowed To Share With Black Afrikan People. I Remain Available To The Student Ready To Have The Divine Teacher To Appear In Your Presence. As The Saying Goes, When The Student Is Ready, The Divine /Master Teacher Will Appear, At Your Calling. Divine Respect Hoteph Osiris Chief Elder Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement (PAIN) Sankofa Reparation / Repatriation Movement All Rights Reserved@2014

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