Sunday, July 13, 2014


My first allegiance is to my Black family, Black community, Black nation and to my Divine Black Supreme Being. I don't identify myself with my oppressors, both arabs and europeans. My sympathy goes to my million Black bodies and souls which are under the domination and exploitation of arab and european colonialists all over the world, who are whipped and enslaved almost everyday by these people, enemies of the Black race who don't care and respect our Black being. Arabs and europeans have proven to be our enemies for more than 1500 years. Arabs have colonized, enslaved and killed many of our people in North Afrika and they are still killing us in Sudan, Mauritania, Kemit, Libya, Niger, Tunisia, Algeria yet the arab world and so called arab nationalists and revolutionaries are quiet about the Black Holocaust. Actually these people directly or indirectly benefit from our destruction economically, socially and politically. I never saw any palestinian or any other oppressed arabs in the arab world identifying themselves with the Black people in Sudan who are under siege from arab expansionists who perpetuate the dehumanization of Afrikan people and destruction of our Black civilization. I never saw any arab nationalist identifying themselves with the indigenous people Kemit the Black Nubians who are under the alien domination by arab colonial settlers. Beside rhetoric identification with all oppressed and colonized people all over the world, but they never fought their own arab brothers who are colonial settlers in Afrika, raping, killing, dispossessing, enslaving Black people for their arab white supremacist interests. That's hypocrisy. I find it strange that oppressed Black people who are ignorant of the atrocities caused by arabs colonial settlers in Afrika, people who never campaign against these dirty and filthy racist arabs colonial settlers in Afrika who are enslaving and committing genocide and destruction of our Divine Black family, have a nerve to identify themselves with arabs in colonial palestine in their imperialist gangsta war againts white supremacist imperialist israel in North East Afrika, a land belonging to Black people who are oppressed and dispossessed by both arabs and ashkenazi european israel. What about Black people who are the real owners of that land and the most oppressed and dehumanized by the palestinians and by the jews? Are we so desperate for friends, where we even seek them in the enemy camp, people who don't care about our plight and destitute? We are so sheepishly mislead to fight our enemies struggles and wars while we continue to ignore and remain silent of the genocide caused by arabs and european colonialists in their well calculated plan to destroy our Black family in the Black world. Palestinian struggle is for palestinians and their arab colonial people. I choose and take no side when the enemies of Black people fight against each other in the land of Black people to take control of the stolen resource which belongs to Black people at the expense of our own Black interests. We have no friends outside our Race. All other nations operate to advance and preserve their own interests by any means necessary. We can't allow ourselves to be pawns used to fight the imperialist wars of our natural enemies. Let them destroy and kill each other so that we can repossess our land which belongs to us, but was taken away from our ankhcestors through genocide and extermination by these dirty and filthy racist arabs and european colonial settlers in North Eeast Afrika. Afrika for the Afrikans!

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