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A true evaluation of history proves that invaders and conquerors never spread civilization. Invaders and conquerors spread their way of life in order to control the people they conquer. John H. Clarke

The concept of Pan Africanism is the best method of resolving African problems and of further strengthening African independence and unity.” HIM Selassie 1

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the commemoration of June 16 Soweto Massacre Day when the white settler illegal European regime of apartheid killed and murdered hundreds of Black school children, who were protesting against the use of Dutch (Afrikaans) as medium of instruction in Black township schools in Soweto and surrounding areas, and also against domination and exploitation of Black People by Europeans. It was the colonial injustices that were perpetuated by the white European racists, and the rise of Black Power Movement which was a response to white power domination that aroused the Minds of Black youths in the seventies. This was a bold and courageous move by the youth of Azania who were inspired by Black Consciousness and Pan Afrikanist philosophy which was advocated by the likes of Mangaliso Sobukwe, Zephaniah Mothopeng, Bantu Biko, Ongkopotse Tiro and many others from the Azanian movement. The incident changed the whole political climate in Azania, and the world become more aware about the Black Condition in Azania.

The Azanian youth of the seventies really proved to all, of the importance of the involvement of the young blood in the struggle to liberate Black men, women and children from the hands of the wicked white man. Young Black warriors like Tsietsi Mashinini, Khotso Seatlholo who were student leaders barely reached the age of twenty that time, yet they managed to challenge and confront the white power structure with no fear at all, showing a high level political awareness and consciousness. What happened in Soweto was a symbol of sacrifice, selflessness and self-determination by Black Youths of that generation, virtues which are needed among the youth of today, who are victims of euro Americanisation in the name of globalisation.

There cannot be a revolution in Azania and anywhere in the world without the involvement of the fresh blood which embodies the future of its nation, and will carry the load for the elders, becoming the engine of movement, for the realisation of our collective Afrikan aspirations. The youth are the pride, drivers of the nations. Without the participation and involvement of the youth in the struggle and advancement of Afrika, we are bound to fail in our endeavours to liberate Azania from the hands of white European settlers who still exploit our natural and human resources for the benefit of white world.
History teaches us that, it was after the formation of the ANCYL in the forties under the leadership of Mzwake Lembede, which brought militancy, agency and vibrancy, with a clear radical programme of action within the ANC, being inspired by the works of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA, and the victory of the Ethiopians under the leadership of Qadamawi Haile Selasie I against the Italian fascists of moussolini. The exemplary life and works of Mangaliso Sobukwe, Mzwakhe Lembede, Bantu Biko, Ongkopotse Tiro, Marcus Garvey, Assata Shakur, Malcom X, Che Guevera, Walter Rodney, Angela Davis, Frantz Fanon, Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral and many Black warriors who at the young age carried the responsibility to liberate Afrika and Afrikan people from white supremacy.These Black warriors affirms the crucial and critical role of the youth in nation building and in the fight against white domination. They were actively involved with the struggle and commanded respect from the elderly, some went to an extent of leading the movement, like Biko who was the President of the Black People’s Convention. Many of them lost their lives and others were imprisoned at the young age, sacrificing their lives for the liberation of Afrika.
As the youth of Afrika in this day and age, let us learn from the past and to those who trod before us, as we are still confronted with the same social, economic and political forces of white supremacy which are hell-bent and eager to destroy our Afrikan nation. The Black youths must be aware of the machinations of imperialism and settler neo colonialism here in Azania and in the Black World, so to be empowered to advance the struggle for total liberation of Afrika. Here in Azania we are witnessing the distortion and falsification of our Black story by the new managers of south afrikkka, with the purpose of falsifying our Afrikan Consciousness, for them to perpetuate and maintain the exploitation of Afrika by their European masters. They have changed the June 16 Commemoration Day to be a day of celebration, undermining and disrespecting the Black life that was lost at the hands of the wicked whiteman. I urge the Black sons and dawtas of Azania to keep the memory of those martyrs alive by continue to commemorate the June 16 Soweto Massacre Day in an Afrikan WAY to honour and respect our Brothas and Sistahs.

We are responsible for our future, so let us create it now. Let us use the month of june to bring Black awareness among our people especially the young ones who are bombarded by euro American version of life, which perpetuate carelessness and foolishness among the people. The youth must start to help and build their own communities, leading our people out of darkness, backwardness, ignorance, illetracy, hunger, poverty, diseases and exploitation by European invaders. We must defend and advance Afrika and the aspirations of Afrikan people here at home and abroad. The involvement of the youth in the Afrikan Liberation struggle, especially the Afrikan Centred brothas and sistahs, who are conscious of their Afrikan Blackness and grounded in Afrikan Spirituality is highly important.

“Pan Africa and not EuroAfrica should be our watchword and the guide to our policies. There is no time to waste. The longer we wait the stronger will be the hold on Africa of neo-colonialism and imperialism. Only a united Africa under a Union Government can cure us… can redeem our past glory…” Kwame Osagyefu Nkrumah (1965)

Azanian revolutionary movement needs youths who are of Biko, Tiro, Lembede’s calibre to take the revolution to its final conclusion. Azania is still under white European settler domination like yesterday, hence the need for young warriors to liberate the land and restore Afrika to its ancient glory. No one must underestimate the power that we are wielding in our own Black hands. I urge and encourage the Black youth of Azania to keep the legacy of Soweto martyrs, by building the movement of Biko and Sobukwe and involved ourselves with the anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, anti- capitalist movement for the liberation of Afrika and humanity. So long as our Minds, Land and all our natural resources are controlled by anglo American, de beers and other European gangstars to build Europe and America at our detriment, our cause and struggle against European colonisation of our Afrika will always be justified. Let us rise up and take the stand as warriors of old who never bow and dance to the tune of white supremacy. Afrika awaits its creators. Total liberation is a MUST.

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  1. this has been the standpoint Africanism and we still have to teach our children about Africanists and its stands.If we will allow other nations to lead our freedom we will not have the real freedom we want.look at the present govr.of ANC it has to do payback to Indians,Jaws and White,with the sunset clauses that was accepted at CODESA and forget about its African brothers and sisters that are still in prison and corauption is at its best