Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm of the view that PAC compromise and made a blunder that will continue destroying the movement from within and outside when we took part, collaborating with the enemy in this settler neo colonial project of ANC and NP. The only solution is to advance the struggle for the liberation of Azania outside the confines of white supremacy. This is the time also to venerate those sons and dawta who opposed the involvement of the Azanian forces in this white south afrikkkan project, who were willing to continue with the fight againts white supremacy, but were demoralised and forced to abandoned their position. The history has proven that they were right in the analysis of the Azania reality. We must also learn from Hamas of palestine which won elections democratically but was and still not recognised by the white and whitewashed world including israel. We'll only get Black Power in Azania only by force through arm struggle not otherwise. Izwe Lethu!

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