Thursday, May 13, 2010


South Africa is still a criminal settler terrorist state, ruled and run by the same imperialists, colonialists, terrorist forces as it was before 1994. There is no fundamental change in the structure and the framework of this white euro state though now we have new managers who are trying by all means to convince us that south Africa is AFRIKAN. South Africa was created by white European terrorists, murderers, those bloodsuckers who killed my people and raped man, woman and even babies. The structure of south Africa is white, European, colonial and emperial in form and substance. South Africa was created for the purpose of exploiting AFRIKA, its people and its resources. The laws that were created was for the protection of white colonial interests, and the so called Rule of LAW for the justification of the exploitation of AFRIKA by these vampires hence the GREEK, ROMAN, DUTCH, ANGLO,AMERICAN LAW.

South Africa is still a criminal settler colony which must be liberated by AFRIKANS. What happened in 1994 was a transfer of managerial task from white colonialist to their African neo colonialists represented by ANC. Nelson Mandela and his company sold AFRIKA in the altar of white supremacy to these barbarians from Europe who still continues exploiting our country unmercifully. The ANC managerial staff is the agent of de beers, oppeinheimer, anglo american, rino tinto, and all the exploiters of human and natural resources of AFRIKA. It is a lie that AZANIA is liberated from white imperial colonial bondage. They only want to deceive us by creating a sham government who get funding from the same raper of our mother AFRIKA. Some of us are not confused or deceived by what is going on, the so called rainbow nation of Tutu, De klerk and Mandela is an illusion, it is not reality. Actually AFRIKA will always be for AFRIKANS those of us here at home and those who are abroad mostly through enslavement. Mandela and de klerk can fool some people but they can not fool all the people all the time. Revolution by a united BLACK REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT against this south African white power structure is the only way to liberate AZANIA. No negotiated settlement with white supremacy can bring change to our BLACK situation. If we are serious as AFRIKANS about our AFRIKAN BEING, our state of consciousness, we suppose to know that white man is a thief, robbery, raper, bloodsucker, a barbarian who only survive here in AZANIA through the exploitation of AFRIKAN resources. We must stop this madness that keeps on destroying our AFRIKANNESS. Negotiating with the thief won’t solve anything instead it will make things worse and more complicated. We must fight for our freedom. We can not beg for our freedom. H.I.M HAILE SELASSIE put it clear when he said “However this achievement can not redound to the credit of AFRIKAN peoples if independence attained is one in name only. In such a situation, the emergence from colonialism is but illusory, and the use of the word “independence” would constitute not only a distortion, but also a disservice to the cause of AFRIKAN freedom by erecting a screen behind which those same foreign influences which hitherto were revealed to the world as colonialist interest could, in disguise, continue to operate. In other words, those who seek independence must be prepared to struggle for it rather than accept it; and having won it, to stand on their feet without dependence and without favours. The must be prepared to assert their ability to maintain independence without exchanging it for financial support or for subsidies. Independence can not be a simple word devoid of meaning, it must remain a principle admitting of no compromise or suspicion, a principle demanding respect for self and at the same time equal respect for the rights of others”. South Africa must be destroyed.


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  1. I think its very interesting that even the ANC are not Black enough for you. Even more interesting that you call white people "European terrorists...who killed my people and raped man, woman and even babies" when we all know that the indigenous population of South Africa likes to rape babies on instructions of the Muti man and sometimes even as a past time. Nice that.

    Your utterances are so stupefyingly bigoted and hate filled, it is hard to know if the points mentioned merit a response - perhaps they don't. However I will respond to one - you said something along the lines of South Africa is white in structure and has not been altered since it was created on a European model. You are correct. And that is the reason why South Africa is not an underperforming dustbowl, as are all the other states in Sub Saharan Africa. As the ANC and people such as yourself get their way, it will of course become that. No doubt you will continue to blame the white man for this turn of events and seek aid from the usual sources.

    Get a life. Stop blaming white people for the problems that your own people have created. It's the only way you will progress. Take a leaf out of the book of Irish people who suffered far more through invasion and colonization than most African nations, or perhaps from from some Asian countries who appear to be on an upward growth trajectory.